Load Diversion Regulator

Part Number Break Down

Example: LDR 12-100

LDR = Load Diversion Regulator 12 = 12V lead acid battery 100 = 100 amps dump load capability E = Optional NEMA 3R Enclosure C = Optional NEMA 3R enclosure plus rectification to hook directly to 3 phase AC output

BRxx = in the case where a specific float voltage is specified, possibly for different battery chemistry. Used in place of Bxx.

Load Diversion Regulator Products

Standard Unit (Open Frame) Enclosed in NEMA 3R Enclosure Enclosed in a NEMA 3R enclosure, includes rectification
FB 12-100
FB 24-60
FB 48-30
FB 96-15
FB 12-100E
FB 24-60E
FB 48-30E
FB 96-15E
FB 12-100C
FB 24-60C
FB 48-30C
FB 96-15C