Battery Maintenance


When batteries age and/or spend too much time in a discharged or abused state, sulphite crystals can form on the battery plates. This causes reduced performance from batteries in terms of capacity. If left unchecked individual cells can become worse than others causing an internal imbalance or short all together causing the remaining cells to overcharge. While a desulpahator can be used to recover lost capacity by reducing sulphite that has already built up, depending on the state of the battery and how much sulphation has built up it is not guaranteed that the battery is recoverable. That is why it’s recommended that a delphator such as the BD-2 V2 be installed before sulphation builds up.

Low/High Voltage Alarm

To indicate if batteries are overcharging or over discharging, a high or low voltage alarm can be used to alert these conditions. The basic model uses an audible alarm to alert the user. If ordered with on board relay, the units can be used to trip an external alarm or transmitter to alert the user.

Generator Starter

An automatic generator starter can be used to maintain charge on a battery bank when other sources of power such as solar or wind are not enough. The universal generator starter or GS unit will monitor the battery bank and start and stop a generator based on user selectable points. The on board relays can be used to start simple two wire start systems as well as more complex diesel generators with glow plugs or multiple wire generators.

Battery Equalizer

Battery equalizers will allow battery strings of 24V or higher to be tapped at various points within the string. For example, pulling 12V from a 24V battery bank. Usually this is not recommended as the batteries within the string will become out of balance and will be damaged over time. A battery equalizer keeps the battery string equalized preventing damage to the batteries. Also, because the EQ units are bidirectional, a 12V source can be put into the the battery string and the EQ will transfer the charge to the entire string.