Step Down DC-DC Transformer

Part Number Break Down

Example: PPT 12/24-20 Pxx Rxx

PPT = DC-DC Transformer based on PPT pump controller PCB 12/24 = 24V source stepping down to a 12V load (Typical application) 20 = 20 Amps rating on the output Pxx = Unit turn on voltage/LVD voltage different than default Rxx = Regulated output voltage must be specified

Pxx – By default the turn on voltage or LVD voltage is the standard LVD point for the input source assumed as a nominal lead acid battery. For a custom voltage use the Pxx in the part number when ordering.

Note – These units only regulate if the input source is higher than the regulated output voltage. If the input voltage decreases below the output regulated voltage, the output regulated voltage will be the input voltage minus approximately 1-2 volts.

Step Down DC-DC Transformer Products

24 Volt Source 36 Volt Source 48 Volt Source
PPT 12/24-2 Rxx
PPT 12/24-5 Rxx
PPT 12/24-20 Rxx
PPT 12/24-30 Rxx
PPT 12/24-40 Rxx
PPT 12/36-2 Rxx
PPT 12/36-20 Rxx
PPT 48-2 Rxx
PPT 48-5 Rxx
PPT 48-10 Rxx
PPT 48-20 Rxx
PPT 48-30 Rxx