SR Shunt Regulator

Part Number Break Down

Example: LSR 12-5L

L = Load control SR = Shunt Regulator 12 = 12 volt panel and battery 5 = 5 amps current capability L =LVD for load control

BRxx = in the case where a specific float voltage is specified, possibly for different battery chemistry. Used in place of Bxx.

Shunt Regulator Products

12V Shunt Regulator

SR 12-15
SR 12-5
SR 12-2

6V Shunt Regulator

SR 6-15
SR 6-5
SR 6-2

12V Shunt Regulator, Load Control

LSR 12-5L

6V Shunt Regulator, Load Control

LSR 6-15L
LSR 6-5L