PT 12/24-60

60 Amp Charge Controller

Model: PT12/24-60

12/24 V @ 60 Amps


This unit has Maximum Power Point Tracking and voltage conversion capability. What is Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)?


Can Operate from odd voltage panels like CD-Te or Amorphous Silicon

Single unit 12/24 V operation

  • will even charge a 12 V battery from a 24 V array or odd voltage array


  • unit will operate from a windmill or hydro source to prevent input overloading when the windmill/ hydro machine is offloaded.

Real world 15 – 30 % more current than conventional technology into discharged batteries

  • means faster battery charging or higher system power at similar cost

Maximizes Battery Life

  • Dual Float Charge Technique
  • recommended by battery manufacturers(1) for maximum capacity and lifetime

Transient Protection

Low Noise

Overvoltage Protection

  • Regulates output at float level even without batteries connected (or bad batteries). Will substantially recover lost battery if recoverable.


Nominal Voltage (V) 12 24
Nominal PV Array (V) 12 * 24 *
Max Array Voltage (V) 50 50
Max Output (A) 60 60
Self Consumption (A)
0.06 0.06
Self Consumption (A)
0.02 0.02
Setpoint Tolerance (+\-) 5% 5%
Float Setting (V) 14.1 27.2
Overcharge Setting (V) 14.5 29.0
Temp. Comp. mv/Deg C -4 -4
Remote Sense yes yes
Efficiency 96% 96%


* May be Odd voltage array. This unit has had substantial success with the 40 – 45 V type Amorphous Silicon panels.


Temperature Compensation:

  • Uses a National LM335Z temperature sensor available from Solar Converters Inc.

LVD Control:

  • Short these terminals together with a relay contact, (rated 32 V @ .1 A – be careful of dry contacts) or a similiarly rated transistor and the LVD will open; forming an effective load disconnect.

Auxilliary Drive:

  • Will charge control a secondary charging source.

Load Diversion:

  • for operation with windmills, will divert excess input voltage to a secondary load with PWM control.



  • approx. 8 lbs.


  • approx. 12 X 10 X 5″


  • Power: Battery, PV and Load #4 – #10 Eurostyle terminal strip
  • Signal: Temperature Compensation, LVD Control, AUX control, and Diversion load control Eurostyle terminal strip: #16 – #26 AWG
  • Setup: Setup pots for panel and battery adjustment.

Operating Temperature:

  • -40 to 60 deg. C
  • We suggest the unit not be placed in direct sunlight


  • 0 – 90 % non -condensing
  • 0 – 100% when mounted in a Nema enclosure

Mechanical Drawing: Click here for picture

In the interest of continuous product improvement, Solar Converters Inc. reserves the right to modify these specifications at any time without notice.