PT 12/24-30

30 Amp Charge Controller

Model: PT12/24-30

12/24 V @ 30 Amps


This unit has Maximum Power Point Tracking and voltage conversions. What is Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)?


Single unit 12/24 V operation

  • will even charge a 12 V battery from a 24 V array or odd voltage CD-TE or amorphous silicon array.

Real world 15 – 30 % more current than conventional technology into discharged batteries

  • means faster battery charging or higher system power at similar cost

Maximizes Battery Life

  • Dual Float Charge Technique
  • recommended by battery manufacturers (1) for maximum capacity and lifetime

Transient Protection

Low Noise

Overvoltage Protection

  • Regulates output at float level even without batteries connected (or bad batteries). Will substantially recover lost battery if recoverable.


Nominal Voltage (V) 12 24
Nominal PV Array (V) 12 24 or odd voltage array
Max Array Voltage (V) 50 50
Max Output (A) 30 30
Self Consumption (A)
Charging 0.12 0.12
Quiescent 0.02 0.02
Setpoint Tolerance (+\-) 5% 5%
Float Setting (V) 14.1 27.2
Overcharge Setting (V) 14.5 29.0
Temp. Comp. mv/Deg C -4 -4
Remote Sense yes yes
Efficiency 96% 96%

* this unit has enjoyed substantial success in charging 12 V batteries from the low cost 45 V class of amorphous silicon arrays


Temperature Compensation:

  • Uses a National LM335Z temperature sensor available from Solar Converters Inc.

LVD Control:

  • Short these terminals together with a relay contact, (rated 32 V @ .1 A – be careful of dry contacts) or a similiarly rated transistor and the LVD will open; forming an effective load disconnect.


Weight: approx. 3 lbs.
Size: approx. 8″ X 6″ X 2″



  • Battery, PV and Load Terminals #4 – #22 AWG Eurostyle terminal strip


  • Temperature Compensation, LVD Control, and 12/24 operation Terminals Eurostyle terminal strip: #16 – #26 AWG


  • Jumper selectable for 12/24 battery and/or panel operation.

Operating Temperature:

  • -40 to 60 deg. C
  • We suggest the unit not be placed in direct sunlight


  • 0 – 90 % non -condensing
  • 0 – 100% when mounted in a Nema enclosure

Mechanical Drawing: Click here for picture

In the interest of continuous product improvement, Solar Converters Inc. reserves the right to modify these specifications at any time without notice.