CV Boost Charge Controller (Battery)

CV Boost Charger (Battery)

Part Number Break Down

Example: CV 12/24-6B Pxx Bxx

CV = Constant Voltage Regulator 12/24 = 12 volt battery source to charge a 24 volt battery 6 = 6 amps of charge current capability at the battery B = Input source is a battery Pxx = The LVD point at which the unit shuts down Bxx = Battery voltage different from default. Example, 18V battery.

BRxx = in the case where a specific float voltage is specified, possibly for different battery chemistry. Used in place of Bxx.

6 Volt Battery Boost Charger

12V Battery

24V Battery

CV 6/12-2B
CV 6/12-6B
CV 6/12-12B
CV 6/24-1B
CV 6/24-3B
CV 6/24-6B

12 Volt Battery Boost Charger

24V Battery

36V Battery

48V Battery

CV 12/24-2B
CV 12/24-6B
CV 12/24-12B
CV 12/36-2B
CV 12/36-4B
CV 12/36-8B
CV 12/48-1B
CV 12/48-3B
CV 12/48-6B

24 Volt Battery Boost Charger

36V Battery

48V Battery

CV 24/36-3B
CV 24/36-8B
CV 24/36-15B
CV 24/48-2B
CV 24/48-6B
CV 24/48-12B

48V Panel Boost Charger

72V Battery

120V Battery

CV 48/72-5B CV 48/120-3B