Charge Controllers

Solar Converters Inc. provides a variety of ways to charge a battery from solar.

PT (Power Tracker®) Charge Controllers

The traditional way to charge is from a standard voltage panel, for example 12 or 24 volts nominal and charge a 12V or 24V battery. The Power Tracker® or PT line of charge controllers are used for this type of charging. The PT line of charge controllers have a wide range of panel and battery voltages which can also be customized upon request.

CV Boost Charge Controller (Solar)

Other situations may limit the PV input voltage while needing to charge a higher voltage battery. An example of this is on a golf cart where roof space is limited. Since it’s difficult to mount a series array of panels to get the voltage high enough to charge a 36, 48 or even 72 volt battery, a boost charger is required. The CV line of boost chargers is capable of charging higher voltage battery from a lower voltage panel.

CV Boost Charge Controller (Battery)

Similar to the solar CV boost charger, this line of controllers will charge a higher voltage battery from a lower voltage battery.

SR Shunt Regulator

Shunt regulators or PWM chargers are the cheapest way to charge batteries. While not as efficient some situations require small and inexpensive charge controllers. These controllers use a PWM or Pulse Width Modulated technique to prevent batteries from overcharging.