In the power industry, transients from lightning strikes form the
most powerfull transient/surge electrical equipment has to deal with.  The 
Institue of Electrical Engigineers (IEEE) along with the American National 
Standards Institue (ANSI) developed a standard, dubbed 62.41 as a reasonable
simulation for test of a lightning strike on electrical equipment. 

	This test, in essense, is to subject the device under test with
4,000 volts 8/20 uS combination surge with a 10,000 amp capacity directly 
on its terminal:  both differential mode (across the terminals), and also
common mode (either terminal to ground).  All the while, the unit must be on
and operating and suffer no degradation of performance.

	The Power Tracker(TM) 30 amp unit passed this test as well as the 
6,000 V common mode (either terminal to ground - usual lightning strike)

	The Power Tracker(TM) user should feel secure some passing transient
will not affect their system.  If it passes the "direct" lightning strike
test, local storms which have been known to fry some regulators won't affect